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IC Journal - Private Locked Entry 01

[No IC in game comments on this entry, please]

I’ve come home to N.Y. for the holidays. It’s what people expect. Times Square is the party capital and I need to keep my image in town up. It's so busy and bright and colorful. I love it! And there's business as usual:

I drove up to the Farm after Christmas to see Rose Red and Bigsby. Both gave me more info on the Nutkin case which seems most useful. Bigsby doesn’t approve of my whimsical decision to contract the Riddler, but he doesn’t entirely disapprove. He’s not my boss anymore and he knows I have always worked best following my own leads and my own guts on a loose leash. Beast has adopted the same policy regarding me and the other tourists.*

That was before New Year’s. Mr. Nigma has been knitting all the patches of information together and may be one of the few mundanes to take a leap of logic that not many take. I am not saying that I regret this decision. I don’t mess up. Mess ups are not an option. Though I have been too gregarious. Far too gregarious.

Some fables would probably think this is too much work to go through for a squirrel. I don’t know what exactly Mr. Nigma or his secretary think of it, but Nutkin’s personal history is no laughing matter. I’ve read the story over and over as well as the file I have on the rest of the fraternity he was with when he was in his homeland and he is one rotten nut that was just waiting to crack. And that was before he lost his tail.

Even if it wasn’t for his background, it still would be an equally serious matter. It’s not the first time that an animal fable has longed for life off the Farm. All of them do and I understand that and I know that it is unfair to them, but they are also the most at risk. Any fable risking exposure for their own benefit is a problem:

1955. Total. Nightmare.*

I don’t know how he ended and I don’t want to.

I have a hangover and a date with Cir El at the shop. Shoe business. I can deal with Edward Nigma Later.

*Cindy and other fable secret agents call themselves "tourists."
**Obviously not Fables canon, but it is for me!

Public Blog Entry Two

The Carnival was a success! Thanks to everyone who attended and helped out. We've made enough to repair the whole community and then some. I imagine the excess will go to other community projects in the future and local charities.

I also made a couple new friends, Harley and Sarah, which is good because the only women I really know around here are people I've known for ages. More new people! Yay! We should get together sometime and go to a movie or something.

I may take a trip to Gotham soon to catch up with an old friend for a couple days. Need to detox after all that planning. I have no idea how Beauty and Snow handle this sort of thing all the time.

As predicted, I spent the day after the auction hung over. Extra hung over. I think I'm still hung over. The computer screen is making me wince. I hope I didn't do anything regretful or embarrassing.

Speaking of Gotham, I think the man who bought me at auction (that's odd to type) is a Gothamite? I need to find out when he wants to go out.

Guess who's black and red and may get a restraining order in the near future? Hint: It's not Harley Quinn.

Public Blog Entry One

Hello darlings!

I got back from Germany and England a little over a week ago and the trip was successful. I already miss London and intend to go back to visit some friends before Fashion Week en Paris. Definitely one of my favorite cities. Maybe when I retire, if I ever can, I'll move and get a little apartment in Soho. That is if I can afford it.

It looks like I'm going to be stuck back home for a while, Don't get me wrong. I love NY, but I do have a chronic case of wanderlust. I may be the most well-traveled person I know now. The shop is reopened (COME CHECK IT OUT!), but the grand opening was disastrous to say the very least, but things are back on the up. Jack-Ass is the most aptly named, y/y? That wasn't the first thing to not go my way since I got back. I spent a whole evening at a club with some green-haired weirdo making sure he didn't frightened others. I don't know if I'll go back. It is a good club on most days, but the bouncers were nowhere in sight.

On the bright side, right before the shop fiasco, I met Cir-El. I think Crispin has a thing for her. And I got a nice pair of some special boots these cobblers I know cooked up for her whenever she's back in town. If Crispin is a good boy, I may ask for an autograph for him. And I did get to go on The Jack Ryder show, which gave me an opportunity to promote the fundraiser carnival we'll be having here in a couple weeks. That man is an absolute delight by the way and if you don't listen to his show, you outta tune in some time. Though I didn't speak or get to meet Harley Quinn, rock on. Good for you getting away from that crazy mess and best o' luck.

If you missed it, I did mention that we'll be auctioning Tony Stark (how did we get him in on this?! Cir El?). He just might be able to raise more money from this than my ex-hubby (the first one, let's call him "Charming"), would have been able to if he was alive and had a kissing booth (okay, Stark will decisively fetch far more). That piece of work was not only my ex, but the ex-wife of two of my dear friends. That guy practically secreted pheromones though I have to say I've had better since then. I'm serious. Not to mention Charming slept with more people who I do know, one of whom was one said ex-wife's sister (can you guess what killed the marriage?). What can I say? Men are dogs. But, hey, I'm a dog person.

Note: The Glass Slipper will be closed during the festival. But there will be a sale the day after, though I'll likely be passed out from a hangover.

Now, back onto the Jack Ryder Show, I spent most of the call being hassled by a deranged man who believes in that stupid conspiracy shit going around. Turns out the guys name is Deadpool a.k.a. Wade Wilson. Wears red and black (I know because he showed up at my apartment)* and is complete nut. Anyone know anything about this guy?

If someone lets him on the auction list, you will be able to hear me making their ears bleed as far as Gotham. Black Canary, eat your heart out.

As you can tell, I've been busy, busy busy! I have no idea how the full-time community organizers handle all this carnival business and will be THANKFUL when it's said and done with so I can go back to globetrotting. So much to do!

OOC: *Consider strike tag private and not openly available information to other characters.
Edit: Cindy's journal will be a private diary for now.

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